Adventure Racing at Life

P has been adventure racing for a few years. He is on a brief hiatus since he and Steve almost died (for real) of hypothermia the last time they competed. Adventure racing is like a wacky triathalon with teammates. In their instances they would trail run, mountain bike and kayak from checkpoint to checkpoint with only a map and their wits about them. I really want to try one, these measly arms are wicked good at rowing, P money has to decide I have what it takes to not kill him out there first…

Today was my first go at adventuring. San Diego’s Road Runner store hosts a Second Thursday Fun Run. The second Thursday of each month from March-November you show up and at 6pm a map is revealed and you have to run to as many checkpoints as you can within 1 hour. Each checkpoint hands out raffle tickets (farther or harder to find places give more) and you get thrown in the hat to win everything from random free food from places like Subway to compression sleeves and Asics. Oh yeah, and it’s FREE! We had a blast, hit most of the checkpoints and ran FAST ๐Ÿ™‚ Phil is amazing with directions so I just followed him and collected raffle tickets. We didn’t win anything but everyone gets a free beer at the end for running so woohoo that was cool. We gave our tickets to some randoms because c’mon… beer after a run, I can’t do it.

The past few days have been busy and fun. P and I stopped by IKEA to grab a few things for around the house. I completely switched around our furniture and decided I want everything to be WHITE. I need light and color and whatnot now that I have left so much blah behind me. ๐Ÿ™‚

I tested out mattresses and decided I want memory foam.

It’s like laying on a bed of Greek Yogurt!!ZOMG. P had chicken strips, french fries and swedish meatballs to calorie load for our IKEA excursion, I had a couple of meatballs and decided they are more “novelty” good than actually good.

But look how sexy I am while eating them.

Also this rug shall be my newest dress. Sexy and flattering, no?

Biggest news? I got a present. For my half birthday. I love birthdays, I really love my birthday, and I celebrate my half birthday. We all need to celebrate us and our lives more than once a year. I also hated that I had a winter birthday growing up, so I decided to celebrate my half birthday too and get a summer and a winter birthday. Sweet. Phil knows I love Tory Burch. I love her clothes, and her shoes and even her store design. I like my half birthday to be a smaller affair and I definitely don’t expect presents! P bought me this fabulous beaded bracelet. 1. I really wanted a bracelet 2. I told him MONTHS ago that I liked this 3. I never would have spent the money on it myself 4. I love the color orange. He is amazing. Thanks P-Love, you are the best.

Side note: Laura and Doug… I know you guys want a van, because you have kids, and vans make sense, but I am going to be showing you alternatives to vans mkay. Sis you are WAY too cute for a van. But, if you must get one…

How bout getting it lifted like THIS van? AWWWW yeah.


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