Parents make me want to DRINK

You know what I did today? I drank a protein shake out of an effing crystal wine glass. Hell yes I did. Why? Because I can, because I am a princess, or at the very least a grown ass adult.

My parents drive me to the bottle sometimes, only I don’t really drink so in this case they drive me to protein shake followed by a killer strength and cardio session.

I talked to my mother today, she started spouting advice on how to handle a nearly year-old stalemate argument with a family member. Seems interesting because 1. I put down my anger regarding this person MONTHS ago, so as to not waste time dwelling on it and 2. Why on earth would I be the one to talk to about this, why not party No.2!? Have you ever had a fight with someone? You know, Suzie borrowed your Barbie and gave it a haircut before she gave it back and you were PISSED…? And then one of you tried to apologize and the other wasn’t ready to be sorry yet? Spoiler alert: I’m not the one who isn’t ready to be sorry. Any advice for getting grown adults to solve problems and talk about their feelings? I talk about my problems, after years of therapy that helped me to spout my feelings at all times (eesh.). I hate when people want to brush things under a rug, this is why there are NO rugs in my house. None. No brushing, keep your brooms the eff away, I want to TALK about shit, yo.

At least that guy isn’t my Dad 😉

I talked to my sweet, sweet father today. He doesn’t understand. The man is amazing, but he doesn’t understand my life at all. This is what I took away from the conversation. 1. I run too much so I am going to ruin my joints and be broken. Wrong. This isn’t 1955 Pops, people aren’t running in their Chuck’s, science has done amazing things. I take care of myself, there are old ladies who hoof past me while I am out running, they aren’t broken yet, who says I won’t be running until I’m 90? BTW I run 30-40 mi/week not like I’m killing marathons every Tuesday dad. 2. Phil’s PhD is silly. I almost spit fire after this one. My dad thinks it’s “silly” for people to spend time and money researching and studying things that “no one cares about”. How the eff are we supposed to discover new and amazing things unless we have the smarties out there researching it?  It matters, knowledge and education are NEVER “silly”. P-Smarty is studying the science of high altitude and the history of it. Without this knowledge we would be walking up snowy hills with nails in our shoes and sleeping in soggy wool sleeping bags. He is studying adventure, adventure is badass. My Dad just doesn’t come from an academic family, and so understanding the importance of the academic way of life is unnatural. 3. Raising money for universities is not a noble profession. Wrong. It is hard, it is good and the people who do it well make a huge difference. Yes, it reeks of sales at times, but holy hell, if you had to give a sales pitch to get Johnny Deserves-a-degree from an inner city high school a scholarship would you do it? That’s what I thought. My dad would rather punch a unicorn in the face than ask anyone for money, so he doesn’t get it. 4. When my dad calls, the house is quiet, meaning it is “empty”. My house is quiet because that is how I make it. I don’t have the TV rockin’ away because I wasn’t part of the generation to “get” the TV and be in awe by its power. I don’t give a shit about TV shows, the Real Housewives of Wherever, anything. You know what my generation does instead? We waste ENDLESS amounts of time on the internet. Quietly rotting our brains just like everyone did with TV 10 years ago. It’s ok dad, I am not weird. I am just fascinated by internet celebs and their funny blogs, because I am impatient and hey, it’s commercial free. My house is quiet because I don’t have a dog, or a cat or kids. I know it’s hard to wrap your mind around pops, but this is my life. My IKEA furniture loving, internet addicted, health food nourished, marathon running life and if you don’t like my hippie shit then fine, but buzz off while I go do some yoga and take a Xanax like a normal person ;-).

In workout news:

Monday workout: Crosstrain bike ride, kind of lame, rough day emotionally for me, because I’m a girl. lame.

Tuesday workout: 3 mile base run, on the beach, long strength train, needed to mix up the routine before I punch Jillian Michaels in the uterus for telling me not to phone it in and lying about “only a few more”

In food news:

Pmoney had teriyaki chicken and homemade french fries + cuke salad

I had cuke salad+ protein shake in a bowl because I wasn’t feeling real food… T.O.M. is in town so he and I are buddying up and inhaling all of the chocolate around.


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