I’m a Star, How could I not Shine?

Happy Weekend:)

My rest day was pretty fabulous.

P-Lobster (more on that later) and I decided some beach time was needed. We hustled ourselves over to the 15th St. beach in Del Mar and cozied up on the grass to grab a little sun. We only caught 1.5hrs or sunshine but for Ginger BF that equals super lobster status, and I forgot to reapply tanning oil when I flipped over to my back, which means super lobster for me too. Luckily I’ve been burning forever so I can easily tell when I will be at risk for peeling. This one? Minimal peeling at most.

I got hungry as the clouds began to roll in as they do every evening so we started up the coast on foot to grab some food. One wrong turn and we accidentally ended up walking to Solana Beach. Extra 6 mile walk on our day off, oh well it was worth it.

We had crepes at Orange Blossom Cafe. BEST FOOD EVER, and so cute. I had a chicken and green chile crêpe, no pepperjack and chipotle aioli on the side (covered in Cholula sauce ofc) and Phil had a Mediterranean Crepe, with spinach, feta, roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and pesto. Cutting the cheese out saved me enough calories to get frozen yogurt and my crêpe was even better in my opinion

We wandered up and down Cedros Ave, which is lined with design firms, home decor shops, food, wine and fun stores. It was our first time really exploring Solana Beach and I loved it.

Saturday’s workout: 5mi Pace Run, JM 30 DS L2, good pace, horrible side cramp, great run.

Less than 1 mile into our “race pace” run I got a horrendous, sharp pain in my ribs.  I thought running through the pain would be the answer but at mile 2.2ish I literally crumpled into a pile crying. I was NOT running through that pain. Dehydration, bad luck, who knows what caused it but I was in pain. I stretched my side out and took a few minutes to recoup and we were off again. The most annoying thing, I felt AMAZING otherwise, no knee pain, no hip pain, good energy etc. The cramp subsided (bitch.) and P and I hoofed it home at a great clip coming in at 47 min for 5 miles and well under the 10min mile pace we need for the marathon time limit.

so sunburned and cuteee 🙂

Lots of the La Jolla Ladies are out in their pink gear for the Susan G. Komen walk in November, training hard and looking good. It helped me push it just a little harder on the way in and not beat myself up over a quick side cramp break. We are all out there working hard and that’s what matters.

I smacked myself in the mouth with a weight during Jillian Michaels and cut out halfway through… that was enough for me today.

The rest of the day is filled with manicures and my never-ending search to find the perfect coffee shop. I want outdoor seating, pretty surroundings and something slightly away from crazy loud traffic… still searching


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