Feed to Succeed!

While this is SO not a food blog, mostly because it would be a huge pain in the ass and my bran cereal isn’t really presentation worthy, I eat and cook a lot. I also think that food plays a HUGE role in our lives.

*Source- Couragetostart.com

*Source Yahoo Health

Wouldn’t it be nice if my bran was this pretty??

Whether you are struggling with over or under-eating or just trying to be healthier, food is everywhere. I used to have food dreams when I wasn’t eating enough. I would literally dream I ate a whole cake or a whole pizza etc. I couldn’t get away, I recently talked to a friend who is going through this right now and I truly believe that both my cravings were so deeply rooted in me, that denying them meant they would attack me in my sleep, and certain foods can become almost addicting. When that addiction is in the form of McDonalds $1 sundaes… we have a problem.

I like eating it almost as much as I like talking about it, so occasionally I feel to need to chat you all up about food, loves, hates, finds and meals. 🙂

First off…

My boyfriend also has an addiction, to a white powdery substance… yes powdered sugar, specifically powdered sugar donuts. The little ones that are HORRIBLE for you. To fix this issue I made baked powdered donuts.

*source: naturallyella.com

Delicious. Baked not fried, I use fat free milk, fat free yogurt, whole wheat flour and 2 Tablespoons butter and some powdered sugar of course, for the whole recipe (6 doughnuts). It’s less of a temptation for me, because if I have a bite it isn’t a grease soaked monstrosity, but rather a fairly guilt free treat.

*source Khanapakana.com

I also recreated Chobani pineapple, which is my fav. Save some calories and a little cash and it is JUST as good if not better!

My recipe:

Total Cost = $1.25                                               *Chobani: 160 Cals, 21g Carbs, 3g Fat, 13g Protein, 65mg Sodium, 18g Sugar

6oz Plain Chobani                                              **Total Cost = $1.50 each

1/4c crushed pineapple



17g Carbs

0g Fat

17g Protein

60mg Sodium

16g Sugar

I tossed in 1teaspoon of Stevia for extra sweetness 🙂

Tonight for dinner I am making Chicken and Eggplant Parmesan over pasta for Phil and Tofu and Eggplant Parmesan with Pasta Sauce for myself. Fingers crossed that it will be gorgeous and delicious.

The last thing that I am super stoked about lately is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Naturals. I like making smoothies and protein shakes but the last protein powder I had was made with Splenda, so I went on a hunt for one sweetened with something natural but still low in calories/carbs. Workout master Steve directed me to this. Best part? I got the 5lb tub on Amazon for $38 instead of $90… hell yes. Received package, made smoothie ZOMG delicious… that is all.


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