4:30 Time Limit UGH

First things first. I think I have a new favorite pair of jeans. I haven’t found a pair of jeans that both photograph well and flatter me in real life since I had my favorite pair of A&F destroyed jeans freshman year of college. They were 100% cotton so they formed to my body over time and I wore them until they literally fell apart. I’ve tried, skinny jeans, bootcut, True Religion, Seven for all Mankind, Hudson (loved those), Miss Me seriously all of them… and I found a pair I love… they are LEVIS. hell yes. $60 Levis and they rule.

Dec 4th is going to be a big day for me. I will be running my first marathon. Phil and I decided on the Las Vegas Rock and Roll for a few reasons:

1. It isn’t far from home. We ran the Nike women’s last year and the last minute flight to SF, sleeping for 2 hours on a friend’s floor and being delayed on our way home was SO fun but not conducive to a being able to run 26.2 miles. LV is driving distance away.

2. It’s ridiculously cheap to stay in Vegas. nuff said, sweet hotels? Yes, please.

3. The marathon starts at 4pm. No waking up at 4am to choke down a bagel!?!? woohoo!!

4. It’s VEGAS!!!!!!

After I had my heart set on going,  I saw on the website that R&R LV has a time limit of 4.5 hours. All of the other R&R marathons have at least 6 hours… WTF? I can only imagine that it is due to the fact that the city of Vegas needs people to get the eff off of the Strip by 9:30pm to allow for the normal antics to resume.

I am a little worried, a 10min/mi pace for 26.2 miles doesn’t seem like much, but it is FAST for me. I am putting my faith in you Hal Higdon, get me to where I need to be!!!

Thursday workout: 3mi run, easy pace + JM 30DS

The three miles today actually felt a little long. It could be because I ran my 5miles late last night and my 3 miles early this morning. I was happy to get back into the groove of morning workouts again, though. I prefer getting up early and getting it done. My body is still recovering, my knees and hips still hurt but it is getting better every day.

Tomorrow is a rest day, a real rest day, no Jillian Michaels, no running. I have to do this. Phil and I will probably go for a really long, nice walk down along the beach so that I don’t go crazy.

My diet plan to coincide with Hal Higdon’s marathon plan is pretty simple:

1. Eat clean, as much as possible. This is standard, I don’t do well, digestively, when I eat processed junk.

2. Focus on intuitive eating M-F. Eat when I am truly hungry, eat enough to not be hungry, stop. Repeat.

3. Maintain moderate carb, high protein approach. Again, standard.

4. Saturday, eat a bit more, up carbs a little– prep for long Sunday run.

5. Sunday, day off. Eat what I want within reason. Eventually Sundays will be massive workouts like 20 milers and I will eat an entire effing  Pizza if I want… ok ok let’s rephrase that to eat what I want without making myself sick. I’ll also be taking in way more carbs and sugar via ShotBloks and GUs so I need to tell myself that it is ok… and my workout will negate the Twinkie I ate at mile 11. 😉

P-lovey and I went for a walk down to the beach this afternoon, it was lovely, but by the tim we got home I was STARVING and had to work really hard not to snack my way through cooking.

This week has been ok. I am eating intuitively pretty well, but the difference that 200 cals of uneccessary snacking at 9:30pm can make on how I feel about the day is HUGE. I am trying to reign in pointless additional calories and salt in things like Ketchup, BBQ sauce etc and instead appreciating things in their natural form. It’s EFFING boring. Someone put that carrot in a bowl of Ranch STAT, ugh. Food=Fuel though… not love, it isn’t a place to reward myself or bury my feelings and I am really, really working on breaking that association. I’m also eating so many eggs it’s ridic… so it goes, though. I just need to get creative in the kitchen.

*Lightly breaded eggplant (eggwhites + 1/4 c Italian breadcrumbs) grilled tofu and 1/2c pasta sauce

Eggplant for dinner was amazing, I snacked on Phil’s food a little which is my biggest vice. I did really well with it for a few days and felt great so I am getting back to that tomorrow. If it isn’t on my plate, I’m not eating it. I’m sure I will be staring at his leftover eggplant parmesan tomorrow like I haven’t eaten for 2 weeks, but digging a little deeper will allow more room for PROTEIN SHAKES nomnomnom.

OH PS! Happy 50th B-Day President Obama… I effing love bdays. I hope everyone cut you some effing slack today and you used the bday card at least once! Everyone needs a day off. 🙂


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