Running on Empty

Saturday workout: Day off.

Saturday morning I spent a bit unpacking and organizing.

We had this much crap jammed in our car…

This was just Pdoggys share (minus his bike and 2 bags of clothing) …

Then P and I met Mario for lunch in Hillcrest at Amarin Thai. Phil was hesitant to try Thai, but Mario is a vegetarian and wanted Thai so I told Pmoney to stuff it ok jk jk he was totally willing to try it again. The food was amazing, I had a tropical salad with fruit and veggies and shrimp, P and Mario both had spicy noodley stuff. It was AMAZING. I’ve always stayed away from Thai because I assumed it was unhealthy, no way, so many good options. I am totally hooked.

It was a totally amazing lunch with one minor fail… I forgot to take pictures!!! Here is an adorable picture of Mario from his Facebook :).

The rest of our visit was spent walking around Hillcrest, watching a man dive into traffic to catch his puppy, chais at Peets, Brownies and milks at Bread and Cie and then we dropped Mario back with his fam to enjoy the rest of his vaycay in Balboa Park.

I love that I have kept in touch with some friends for so long. I have a handful of people who have known me since I was 8 or so and while it is SO embarrassing that they saw me in my most awkward stages, they are also the people I trust more than almost anyone, an extended family if you will.


Boring Running Stuff/ Marathon Training trials and errors


Sunday was supposed to be our long run, 15 miles. I had taken pretty much 2 days off, gotten some decent sleep, eaten plenty and I thought I would be ready to really shave some time off of our last 15miler. As the last one was also the first one, I sort of sucked it up and we finished in 2:45 or so… in order to run the marathon in 4.5 hours which is the limit, we need to be running 20 miles in 3 hours 45 min. 20 miles will be our longest training run. I have faith that we can do it, we just have to work our asses off . Hell yes.

We started our run and made 2 fatal errors.

1- I suggested we run an out and back. I hate out and backs. The reason I thought an out and back may be better was to finish at home, and be able to go inside and eat and avoid the horrendous bingefest that happened after our last 15miler when all I could think about was eating anything I could get my hands on.

2- We ran south instead of north. North San Diego county is Khaki and BMWs, polite people and their polite dogs, perfect for running b/c there is a continuous paved ocean walk the WHOLE way that eliminates the pesky drive-way dips I hate so much. South… is Pacific Beach… on a Sunday, erm excuse me Sunday Funday. At least in Shwastey-ville Chico State you have to wear a shirt into an establishment anddd the students cut out during the summer. Apparently they come to San Diego. It was a ZOO, so many drunk people and I was trying to get my workout on, while these FOOLS ride their bikes on the sidewalk (I hate that). I was already feeling low, and then I got hog tied by two ankle biting Chihuahuas on extender leashes… seriously. After 6-7 miles, I called it a day and told P-Coach I needed food and a rest before we kept going.

He picked Nick’s… don’t eat here. Pmoney likes it for some reason. It’s like Cocos but near the beach and with more drunk people.

I was exhausted and hurting. Hello over training, nice to meet you. So, we started Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 plan on Tuesday.


One thought on “Running on Empty

  1. I’m glad to hear you had a good visit with you buddy Mario 🙂 It’s always nice to catch up with old friends!

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