I <3 the Gilroy Garlic Festival

The last weekend in July is amazing for so many reasons, it’s the dead heat of summer, my sports bra tan is really starting to look sexy, oh right– THE GARLIC FESTIVAL.

This is Gilroy, Ca.

I lived there until I was six and the modern family dilemma of failed nuptials caused me to leave. I headed south to the Monterey Bay with my mom and began my lifelong hatred of FOG. Gilroy is a smaller town, south of San Jose and the Silicon Valley, but becoming surprisingly nice at time goes on. Anyone who has driven through the town in the summer months knows that it smells wonderfully REEKS of garlic, hence the reason the town hosts a 3 day party/excuse to drink festival in honor of good old garlic. Fun Fact:Twilight fans hate Gilroy because Edward can’t live there.

As I reached my teenage years living in the golf/old money/foggy/preppy Monterey Bay I tried really hard to shake my slightly country, certainly blue collar roots. I longed to be attending a boarding school, I wanted pink and green plaid skirts, Coach bags and a rhinoplasty for an upturned nose. Then, most of my friends ended up living in Santa Cruz so I turned my attention to longboard skateboards, Volcom denim, heavy eyeliner and a deep hatred for The North Face. Finally, in my 20’s I have embraced where both I and my family came from. I love the pace of California’s agricultural towns, I know what an artichoke plant looks like, I once rode a horse through a drive-through (pre marathon diet of course). I love the rolling hills of the central coast and diversity of the place I called home, it helped shape me into who I am today (I still love pink and green plaid though… don’t judge me)


I hadn’t attended a Garlic Festival in YEARS until 2009, and I have made it for the past 3 years woohoo! The food is amazing, live entertainment, fun crafts and handmade items to look at, garlic wine, garlic ice cream (gag), and the whole town comes out. My Uncle Ed says “If you are looking to have fun with your family come Friday, looking for a lady come Saturday, and looking for a fight come Sunday”. Put on your best pair of denim cutoffs, plant your butt on a hay bale, and prepare for some good times.

so racktastic Katy P…. Jealous.

My dad was about 5 beers deep when a band started to play “California Girls” by Katy Perry, I love Katy P and my dad loves to dance so he dragged me out into the heat to rock out. The man can bust a move. He may have also busted a hip ;-). Pmoney got jealous so I had to dance with him too, I was nearly blinded by the glitzy cowgirl beltbuckles flashing in the sunlight, and P-sexy was getting the eye from some cougars so we retired our dancing shoes after a few songs.

We were driving home on Friday so the Gfest was where we spent the hours of Noon-6pm and then continued our drive home, only smellier than when we started. P locked the keys in the car, the car wont lock with the keys in the ignition, but he left them on the seat??? WTF babe, good thing we BOTH have AAA (I have the better plan of course) and so for probs the 4th time in the past 2 months we have used it, go us! The Yaris is a beast when it comes to gas milage, but other than that it doesn’t have much to offer… oh wait, it does have 7 cup holders, I shit you not. Seven cup holders and the world’s most UNCOMFORTABLE seats. Insta-numb ass after 30 mins every time. I’m saving my pennies for a VW GTI in the next few years, until then I know the little Yaris will drive forever like all Toyotas.

Coolest thing about our travel day: There are community peach trees planted in Chico, for walkers/bikers/runners to eat… I gaffled about a dozen!! πŸ™‚

Yaris Power got us home by 2am and I sacked out HARD. I didn’t do a *real* workout on Friday but I did walk around for like 5 hours in the heat so I didn’t feel too badly.


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