Hal Higdon and I are BFFs

Ok not really, but Hal Higdon’s marathon training plans are widely accepted as being solid, straightforward and successful. My everything hurts. My hips, knees, ankles, Achilles, I’m getting cramps and aches and my body has been telling me that something isn’t right. I have totally run out of gas on my last two attempts at long runs (Sun/Mon) and decided after some reading that I was putting in too many miles of the same repetitive motion and it was starting to wear myself down. Luckily for P and I, Monday was 18 weeks exactly from our marathon and Hal Higdon’s plan is 18 weeks long. Win. We started today and as weird as it felt we only had a 3 mile run.

Workout: 3mi, 31 min, easy pace, 30 min Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 2. No music, night run.

I also bought new running shoes today. I’ve been running in my Zoots since May, but since they are triathalon shoes, I am a forefoot striker, and they don’t offer a lot in the way of support, I decided it was time to drop the money and buy another pair of Newtons.

Meet my shoe collection. They all have a purpose and serve them well, but swap any of those bad boys out for each other and it’s blister city and bodily misery.

I also picked up one of these. I used it once today and it was amazing. It’s a simple tool called The Stick to work out your muscles after a run and I’m hoping it will help speed my recovery. P money picked it out :). We bought him BodyGlide for his Man chafing issues, sucker.

I picked up this GU because Amanda my running friend swears by them and I am finding it hard to chew Clif ShotBloks on the go. I’ll give it a whirl Sunday for our 8mile.

Running for only a half hour really refreshed me mentally. I didn’t have to push through the pain as long, I knew I was within 30 min of being done the minute I started my watch and I got home feeling peppy. Running less = eating less but I am ok with that since my appetite is as big as my workouts.

Tonight Phil made Turkey Burgers nomnom. They areone of my favorite dinners. I eat mine “protein style” with no bun and they are delish. The sodium from the obscene amount of pickles I eat is kind of terrible but I have to live a little from time to time. ;-). It’s a protein packed meal that feels guilty but so isn’t. He had baked french fries with his and I had a big salad with mine.

Phil and I made a “family budget” before our vacation and totally stuck to it which was amazing. We just made our August budget and I look forward to saving tons of money this month. I always buy random clothes and things or I will be at Target and just have to get that iced coffee travel mug for the one cup of iced coffee I drink a month… Having a budget really helps me stay on track and save up for things I really need like Tory Burch flip flops and William Rast jeans ;-). Most of our money goes to food, we are eating machines.

Last but not least, today was my sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday Laura!!! 😀 I hope the cake, skinny margaritas, flowers and company were divine and I can’t wait to see you and the fam soon!!!

I still have lots to share about the end of my trip/workouts/food/friends etc. but those will have to wait until tomorrow.

Those 3milers really take it out of you 😉


3 thoughts on “Hal Higdon and I are BFFs

  1. Interesting post 🙂 When I started training for a half marathon (before I was plagued by shin splints and knee pain and a full time job and no motivation) I read a ton about training plans and a lot of Hal Higdon’s plans. Most training coaches nowadays suggest taking plenty of rest/low milage days because the long run days are so hard on your body. I read one plan where you only do a tempo, speed, and long run workout each week, and then some cross training/strength if you want to work out on other days. Good luck with your training! p.s. love your new shoes, and the stick is amazing!

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