Mosquitoes from Hell

I hate bugs, except butterflies. Up in the mountains and out in the wilderness ants are like 100x the size of their city cousins, mosquitoes run the land and spiders are everywhere. On Wednesday Phil, his friends Steve, Anthony and Tylan, and I drove the two hours up to Lassen National Park to go for a nice long hike. This is a picture of our car.

This is a picture of all of us minus Steve

and Steve.

We all fit in that tiny car… for 2 hours… I was in the back, middle seat. It was cozy…

Wednesday workout: 11.5 mile hike, fast pace, with a pack, and a grip of smelly dudes. No music, lots of hills. 

I chimed in and said that I would like to do a hike where we could see a bunch of lakes. Oh yes, I am a novice hiker. Lakes + heavy snowmelt+ July = MOSQUITOES. Holy hell. We practically RAN the entire hike. No stopping for lunch, no stopping to look at the map, just running with packs on while smacking yourself to get away from the literal swarms of bugs trying to EAT ME.

When we got away from the lakes the blood sucking beasts died down and we stopped to eat some food, take pictures and assess the damage. The boys definitely got it worse than I did. We were smelly, sunburned and tired, so of course we did the only thing we could do… IN-N-Out.

*photo from

Did you know 2 protein style hamburgers was under 500 calories? I burned 2000 on the hike so I was STOKED to nom down some protein. I would have taken pictures… but I was eating, yo.

Thursday workout: 1 hr recovery run, good pace, good conversation with P, no music, hot hot weather

Thursday was a recovery run day from the huge burn we both got from hiking. When P and I assessed the mosquito damage the next morning it looked pretty minimal. I swear that 100 bit me, but apparently only the female beasts leave welts… interesting. I was feeling really positive, I have actually been feeling more positive in general lately which is awesome, and we spent an hour hanging out while running, really. I love when you can make the time during your workout pass, no cramps, no sore knees, just good vibes. Thursday was one of those days, and I am hoping for more to come.


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