I could eat 100…

Orange cream/coconut/vanilla ice cream bars… for realll.

To recap…

Last weekend P-Prefontaine and I ran our long run for the week:

Sunday: 13.7 miles, moderate pace, trail and pavement, hot hot hot, no music, some hills. 

We did a nice loop through a park on pavement, up into the hills on dirt, stopped for some Powerbar Gel Blasts (foul, like chewing on a stale gummy bear) because we didn’t have shotbloks and hoofed it back to our car. Steve met up with us around mile 2.5 and rode his bike alongside P and I until about mile 6.5. This 13+mi run felt MUCH better than our 15mi run the weekend before. We spent some time on the drive home Friday night creating a training plan with more of a backbone. Instead of doing 6mi runs 5x a week and one long run + 6 half hour cardio strength sessions we have plans for Long Run + Recovery Run + 1 day of interval/speed training + 2 days of 6mi @ race pace + one day of cross training + Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred 6 days a week + one day off= Rock and Roll Vegas Marathon WIN 🙂

Monday: 90min bike ride + 60 min run around the lake, 4500ft elevation, no music, veryy pretty.

On Monday we headed up to Lake Almanor to camp with Phil’s mom and her husband. They have a sweet RV and we cozied up in our tent. We tried to get some extra working out in because we knew Phil’s mom and Paul would whip up an amazing dinner and s’mores and I wanted to try and eat with little stress. I was of course stressed by all of the food I ate, but my own personal (almost) Dr. Phil talked me up and I chilled out. I did get to eat some amazing camp food and such. I am not a camper. I think I would GLAMP if I could, and be much happier, but I do it for Phil. I would have been fine… IF there were real bathrooms. I HATE pit toilets. Don’t know what one is? Here ya go…

This is a cinderblock shack… with a toilet, no sink and the toilet is exactly like a porto… just a pit. It smells HORRIBLE, there are always spiders and shit everywhere and I cannot do it. Do you know how hard it is to pee when you are gagging. By the end of the day on Tuesday I was so ready to have a shower, a pedicure and a 21st century toilet that I almost had a meltdown… ok I did have a melt down. I hate being dirty, esp. when there is no reason to be… WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY FOR LUXURYYYY, why must I subject myself to this crap?! On that note Phil and his best friend Steve are planning on hiking the John Muir Trail… 200+ miles boys, have fun, I am SO happy that I don’t have to do that.

Tuesday workout: 30 min bike ride + 60 min run, decent pace, no music, flat, hot, P-Ronaldo rode his bike next to me b/c he was saving energy for his soccer game that night.

After I had recovered from my meltdown and showered, P and I worked out. I ran and he played soccer. His team won YAY! Phil loves soccer, and he is really good at it. His years of gymnastics and playing ball continue to serve him well in any game. For the past week plus I have been rolling deep with DUDES, which is actually how I prefer it 🙂 Less drama, hilarious conversation and I don’t have to worry about my hair or makeup.

I have to say I love Phil for both being so cool about my loads of guy friends and also for having such cool friends himself. I miss the Chico family already ❤


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