Mrs. P- The Guest Post

Over the past  10 days or so I have been, road tripping, hiking , camping, running, garlic festival-ing and bonding with the people who know me IRL. Today I have lunch planned with one of my besties from 3rd grade  I haven’t seen him in 4 years!!!

Y’all will have to miss my oh so exciting life updates for one more day. To hold you over, here is a post from my sister.

Note: I don’t have kids, I don’t want kids and until fairly recently I didn’t like kids. My sister Laura has 2 of the most adorable children ever and Lilli who is 2, is hilarious. Laura will often call me and have me laughing so hard I’m in tears by then end of the conversation, so from time to time her family antics just HAVE to be recorded on here. They live in a TINY town in eastern Nevada, so while I think this stuff is priceless, my poor sister is probably starting to be known as “Lilli’s mom” because this little girl has a way of stealing the show.

Hi! I’m Laura! Ashley’s sister and sometimes impatient, mostly loving, full time Mom to Lillian and Ashley (after my awesome little sister ) anid Wife and zoo keeper to my  crazy husband Doug.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures and heard a little bit about me and the kiddos and the crazy small town life we have. My oldest daughter is currently 2 years old. There probably aren’t many moms who read this or have ever been through what is dubbed the Terrible Two’s. I don’t know if terrible even defines what having a two year old is like. I think terrifying is more like it!

I also have a sweet baby boy who is now 6 months and the total opposite of his sister. I’d love to know what goes through his head as he watches his older sister’s antics on a daily basis.. Watching Lilli is like watching a figure eight car race, lots of near misses, near death but exhilarating and fun to watch. Case in point…on a typical Lilli day she wakes up and walks into our room ever so quietly, tip toeing about looking all sweet, and doe eyed, batting her eye lashes, blonde curls bouncing about as she gets really close to the bed, right next to Doug and I and yells  MOM! MOM! DADA! DADA! MOM! MOM! waking the neighbors and her sweet little brother who I just got to sleep 5 min before. She continues this until someone rolls over to acknowledge that she is awake and ready to roll! Out of bed we go into the kitchen to try and decipher her language. This usually consists of lots of screaming and tears on both parts until we figure out she wants cereal. No, not that one. The one on the top shelf only Shaq can reach followed by a sweet “Tank You!”  Almost worth all the tears.

Dressed and ready we leave to the only major shopping center in Elko, Good O’l  Walmart. We take Baby Ash out of car, put him in the cart, then wrestle with Lilli to get her in the basket part while she is doing the “crocodile death roll” and screaming like we are kidnapping her . Into the store we go with husband in tow “explaining” to Lilli why its not ok to act like that over her wails and tears. 10 minutes into the trip she is still wailing and protesting and threatening to jump to her death ( happened at a year old, concussion and frayed nerves) until my husband decides that he can’t take the screaming anymore and lets her out only if she holds his hand (haha righttt). With her big doe eyes and tears streaming down her red cheeks she says ever so softly “ok” The hand holding lasts all of two minutes until she sees a “packpack” in another isle and is promptly running towards it at a full sprint like the “packpack” is going to up and run away if she doesn’t get her hands on it ASAP. My husband is in a full sprint behind her leaving a trail of “I’m sorry” “Excuse me” in his wake. (Are you tired yet?) And we havent even gotten anything on our list!

After several minutes of saying “No” and lots of threats of “Do you want to go back to the car” followed by a lot of counting to 3, we get everything on our list. We get to self check out  (to spare Walmart employees of anymore of Lilli’s antics) and begin to check out. I tell my wonderful husband I’m going an isle over to get a nice cold diet soda  to enjoy after our toddler marathon. I come back to my husband fully emersed in his check out scanning and re-scanning items and cussing under his breathe, look around only to find Ash in the cart sleeping peacefully but no Lilli. I ask my husband “Where is Lilli?’ He looks at me and says “I thought she was with you?” Being such a prankster I say “Haha, Not funny!” only to find out, he really thought she was with me. So now we have lost Lilli in Walmart. My heart starts racing as I race around to find her thinking about how cute her curls are and what  a sweet little girl she is, close to tears and sheer panic and what feels like hours but is probably only seconds I hear a scream and my husband dragging behind him a very upset toddler who just wanted to “OOK” at the fish across the way at the nail salon. After more tears, screaming, dirty looks from walmart employees we leave with our grocery’s intact and nerves frayed.  The rest of the night ends up being pretty uneventful, thank goodness or I’d have to be committed.

I put little man to sleep after a little playing and lots of giggles and a stern talk of how he better not act like at two, with a coy smile and twinkle in his eye we all fall a sleep ready for tomorrow and another crazy, fun, near death, lose my mind and laugh along the way day.

Sis and the fam  just got back from  Idaho and a wedding, I can’t wait to hear what kind of trouble Lilli has gotten herself into. Everyone says she takes after me, muahahaha, that one is going to be trouble.


3 thoughts on “Mrs. P- The Guest Post

  1. Great post! Reminds me of my sister with my 5 year old nephew. The stories are hilarious. When auntie and uncle come to town we usually take him out and he is usually pretty well behaved. Makes my sister crazy because her days are so similar to this one she can’t imagine him behaving! LOL

    Random question…What is your sister’s tattoo on her shoulder? It looks amazing!

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