Hawt and Shweaty

Back in Northern California. You would think with how often we are up here, that we enjoy the 10 hour drive or something… not so much. I do however love summer VayCays :).

Running in the heat has been pretty brutal.

Thursday Workout: 60 min run, good pace, HOT, lots of water, no music.

Friday Workout: 15 min light strength training afterrr a 6.5 mile run, fast pace, HOT, no music, almost barfed- witnessed a man shooting his gun off to scare crows, ahhh the country.

Saturday Workout: 20 min strength training with light weights, planned 6o min easy run.

The training has been going pretty well, despite the change of location and weather. I enjoy running in the heat, but my pace feels so much faster than it is, what’s with that?! I’ve been dealing with some wicked  side cramps, the kind that shank you right between your ribs and travel up into your neck? Anyone been there? Horrible.

Strength training has kind of fallen off, but I made an effort yesterday to do a light abs/arms routine after our hard run, and today I was up about 30 min before P so I hit the exercise room.

I think the camping plan is to go early in the week up to Mt. Lassen and run around in the wilderness, I will be honest– I CAN’T WAIT! I sometimes get random “Let’s go be in nature” urges and they make Philly McClimbs-a-lot really happy. Something about being away from it all is SO therapeutic, and the fact that some friends will be joining us makes me even happier. I even took the nail polish off my fingers in preparation for my John Muir excursion into nature, my toes are still perfectly pedicured–a girl can only go so far.

P-Beckham played some indoor soccer last night, I would like to present exhibit A- shameless promotion/bragging OMFG LOOK HOW CUTE HE ISSS!

Last night was also a crazy night on the town, ok here in the dirty 5-30 that equates to beer, stupid fabulous drinking games called baseball (flip cup is so much easier) and shenanigans with Phil’s boys. One of my gorgey college friends, Lindsay, is still in town until she leaves for SPAIN (so jealous) in a few months, so she joined us as well. The boys are having a “bro-out” kind of weekend and have been drinking pretty steadily since Thursday night, they are at champagne brunch right now. I don’t really drink, but I love being out so I went along to document the bullshit. Lindsay, because of her floral, vinatge-y shirt and fierce beer game attitude, acquired the moniker “Amish Fury”, she embraced that shit and got down with her bad self. Baseball is some weird mixture of beer pong, flip cup and the rules of baseball. Basically it takes two perfectly good drinking games, adds complicated rules and makes it about as faced paced and exciting as real baseball–but it gets the job done.

Justin trying his best to look sexy, and doing fabulous in my opinion… *shakes head*

I spent most of the evening chugging ice-water and getting effing HYDRATED, yo! and lounging on a couch, that was on the lawn, because that is how we roll, I also did my best to move as little as possible. Justin (the one with the sexy shorts) went to pick up some pizza, paid cash and was told that the pizza wasn’t ready so the Pizza People offered to deliver it… sounds shady right? I was fosho being a Negative Nancy and telling J that he was out $65 bucks AND some food… 30 min later, the pizzas arrive, WITH some garlic bread and half of a 6-pack of Sierra Nevada beer thrown in for fun… that my friends, is why this town rules. I needed to be and Optimist Prime and NOT a Negatron…lesson learned.

Frosty beverages are likely the only things that will get me through the heat wave without passing out so Peet’s iced chais, and my own iced teas are helping me profusely.




4 thoughts on “Hawt and Shweaty

  1. hahahaha thanks for the shoutout peeps. i’m still not quite sure I understand baseball, or how I got the nickname Amish Fury (my very modest shirt, perhaps??), but hey, it was good times…. 🙂 love youuuu

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