Living the Good Life- Kanye Style

Tuesday was just one of those days. Wednesday became my “updated” last day at work, I won’t even get into that. Apparently when it comes to office politics I play the game like Joe Biden (constant foot in mouth). Oh well, I’m not going to be upset that I don’t play the game  well. You learn a lot over the course of any job, and I have certainly learned so much, and will miss some of my colleagues. I found myself saying my running power words to myself quite a few times at work this week. Whenever I want to quit running or give in because I’m too tired/stressed/in pain I always tell myself to “dig” and follow that with “breathe” it always helps and for the past few days I have been repeating my little mantra over and over and as always it helps. Side note: On my last day I was having a good hair day; I know this because 1- I looked in the mirror in the bathroom and thought, “Woohoo Mufasa is behaving today” and 2- I had a homeless man interrupt my donor meeting at Starbucks to tell me.

Post sucra-binge Wednesday

I tried to workout Tuesday night, but had consumed 3-4 sucralose products, so I made it for 8 min before gastro-discomfort/strong/sharp stomach pains turned me back. dammit. I woke up nice and early on Weds and hit the trail/strength sesh hard it felt really good to push out any uncertainty, or pain and do something I am good at and can be proud of. I think sometimes I can be a total little sister– Sensitive and pining for everyone to like me. I am feeling positive though. I have some time set aside for myself and my friends and family and then I dive back in again, to new beginnings and hopefully a new path.

Monday workout: 30 min cardio strength, 4mi walk

Tuesday workout: nada, well 8min jog and some serious cramps, BOO splenda, you bitch

Wednesday: 30 min cardio strength, 70min run- slow pace, no music, I was still feeling TIRED, lame

Monday/Tuesday were days off after our LONG run on Sunday. Monday we did a short 30 min cardio strength session in the A.M. and planned for maybe a bike ride or walk later. P was needing some comfort food so I made him fried chicken, french fries and green salad with ranch dressing for dinner, what can I say– healthy is my forte but I can get down with some fried chicken too ;-).

We had dinner and then took a long walk down to the beach for the sunset. There were TONS of people out as we wandered down the shore and then around back home. There are a few houses right on the water and of course some of them have their own gated entrance to the beach, naturally. We saw an older gentleman (i.e. ADORABLE) on his balcony, at his seaside home, with the sailboat weathervane, and as we walked by he waved down to us. I get the feeling that he worked VERY hard for his lovely home and deserves every minute he gets to spend looking out his bay windows onto an unspoiled view of the sea. Good for you old man, I would like to have a beer with you and talk about how much ass you kick someday.

Honestly, do you see the construction? That beast is HUGE and they are making it bigger. Good call… good call.

I typed up a workout plan for the rest of July to make sure that not only am I hitting big mile days, but also strength and rest. I know that if I don’t rest this body every once in a while, something is going to rip or crack or tear and I would like to keep my no torn anythings or broken bones streak (actually I am 90% sure I fractured my ankle playing indoor soccer in college, but I never had it checked so it doesn’t count). I’m hoping that rounding out July really strong will springboard my speed training for next month. I’d like it if P and I finished somewhere in the middle of the pack for this marathon so that I don’t feel like a ToolBag.

One of my best friends EVER, someone I have known since 3rd grade, will be in San Diego next weekend and I can’t wait to see him. Our last meetup was St. Pattys my sophomore year of college and it was one Malibu induced blur. Correction, he also took my to my first Giants baseball game which was A-MAZING, but that is a story for another time. He had a big giant 3rd grade crush on me and when he and I and a group and GATE kids went to the University of California, Santa Barbara, for a competition his mom asked him if he would like to go to college there someday. He quickly replied with a pouty “NO” because earlier that day I had decided that for that hour I liked his friend Alex, and told him so. Mario decided that Santa Barbara sucked and he never wanted to go there. 10 years later…. guess who is Mr. UCSB himself muahahah, and now he is being an even bigger bad ass in Law School so good for you Mario, I can’t wait to see you. PS… I’m so over Alex.


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