Will Run for FroYo.

Workout Sunday: 15 mile run (WOOHOO!!!) slow pace (really, really, really effing slow at the end)

Yesterday P and I decided to get serious about our marathon training and try for a 15 mile run, at an easy pace. We are comfortable with 10-12 miles but that is where my body starts to think it’s time for a break.  Something has been missing in my workouts lately, so I was hoping that a 15mi run would help me push into this training HARD. Oh boy did it.

The beginning- I haven’t done laundry for a week, so all of my good socks and favorite workout clothes were dirty. I am really hurting for shoes right now too. I don’t like my fancy pants mizuno’s b/c I am a forefoot striker, naturally. Shoes made for heel strikers don’t jive with me, b/c  I never make use of the springy heel area, I just land on my toes and they smoosh forward. My ZOOTS are pretty good, but they aren’t quite perfect, and my Newtons are shot. I think the answer is to buy a new pair of Lady Newtons, but I didn’t have the option. I compromised and wore the Zoots with socks, to prevent the inevitable blisters.

It was overcast, so I didn’t think sunscreen would be necessary, I’m trying to work on my tan anyway, yo! I ate a breakfast of plain oats with cinnamon and brown sugar, and a piece of PB and Banana toast. I thought lots of carbs would be key. Somehow I guess I forgot that complex carbs make me feel like ass and the minute I eat them, my stomach starts making sounds similar to those of Manatees and Humpback Whales. awesome.

Our route was from our doorstep, along the coast up to the city of Encinitas.

Once we left La Jolla, the clouds cleared and it got gorgeous out. Cool, sunny, strong breeze, and a sunburn…

I had lots of twinges, pains, cramps, soreness, but nothing so bad that I had to quit. The run was BEAUTIFUL, and other than some water and 3 shotbloks I just pushed through. The last 2 miles were BRUTAL. Our pace slowed to a crawl, and I honestly tripped over tiny cracks in the sidewalk 4 or 5 times, I was having trouble lifting my feet up enough. P said that we were really close, but I knew in about 10 min, my body wouldn’t be able to jog, I would have to walk… luckily we hit our stop point. I would have taken a picture but I was totally out of it and needed food, fast.


Kotija’s Jr. – Best fish tacos I have EVER had.

This is where I made bad food decision #2. Mexican food. Mexican, while delicious, doesn’t sit well with me. I tried to be smart and ordered Fish Tacos, because corn tortillas are better than flour for my stomach. I had some chips, guac and a bit of beans as well, and a diet coke.  I really wanted iced tea but they didn’t have any at the little taco shop we stumbled upon. Soda and I do not get along. oh well. I would have taken a picture of the food too, but seriously, I HOOVERED that shit down, and I was super depressed because right as we walked in, we watched the US Women’s soccer team lose the Women’s World Cup. Bummed. The food was excellent, the company divine 🙂 and then we hopped on the 101 Bus directly in front of the restaurant and it took us nearly to our doorstop, win.

bus ride home, yes I will soften this Beetch up to spare you all the reality of me without make up. You’re welcome

After we got home, I took a 1 hour+ bath… yes, that’s right. I soaked until the water got cold. I am sporting a pretty bad sunburn due to my lack of sunscreen, but the soak was still AMAZING.  At one point.. P called in to make sure I hadn’t dropped the NOOK in the tub, not to make sure that I wasn’t passed out underwater … OH NO, he wanted to check on the NOOK… jerk. 😉

We got Froyo, which I should have refrained from, but I thought, “Hell, I earned it.” Yes fatty you earned it but maybe you have had enough to eat today so you should wait until tomorrow. Nope, I chowed… and felt so full I was sick. I was still under my calorie goal so I had some Raisin Bran with Almond Milk and thought I was going to burst. I need to realize that I don’t have to eat a TON all day after a long run, I can continue to make up for the deficit the following day and spare myself the pain.

I woke up today, a little tired but- NOT SORE. No blisters and NO sore muscles, I am SO SO SO happy.

I learned some new things yesterday, though:

Seeing someone in a Chico State Tshirt at mile 13 is invigorating, especially when you do air high fives to each other

I am not as hungry as I would expect right after working out that hard, and I should listen to my body accordingly. Next time, Gatorade and something a little lighter on my tum, but still calorie dense.

Running shirt tan lines/sunburn are a badge of honor

If 15 miles was that Not-Hard (I wont call it easy) then I know  I can do 26.2

If you miss your first 3 PKs… you cannot expect to win!!!

I hope everyone else had a fab weekend. 😀 go hit those trails!


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