Workout: 65min run, easy pace-tired. Jillian Michaels 30 day shred Level 3, no music

After being a beezy yesterday I woke up feeling much better today. The drama queen is giving it a rest ;-).

We ran through La Jolla Farms today, which is the neighborhood next to ours, only ridiculously nice. Here are some highlights.

Not only do you have your own beach access road if you live in “the Farms” but you have a gorgey preserve in your backyard, where in one direction you see the ocean and paragliders, and in the other you see uber mansions.

Click the little one to see grande pictures πŸ™‚ it’s worth it.


I woke up this morning to adorable picture messages of my niece, and some kind of horrible rooster shaped wind chime my sister bought, probably as a joke– captioned: “How do you like my cock?” I have to say, this really got my day started on the right foot, and with a smile :).

I made banana protein pancakes for me for B-Fast (banana+1egg+1/4c egg whites) and topped them with my fav low cal PB alternative, PB2. I made P-cakes some whole wheat pancakes. I swapped out some of the milk for my soy yogurt, mostly because that shit is FOUL and I need to find a way to use it up. It added some extra calories and protein to his breakfast so, win. I also made an extra 12 or so pancakes for P-Money to eat throughout the week. I throw them in the freezer and he toasts them like Eggo’s for quick breakfasts on the go. Back to the soy yogurt. I bought this yesterday because Greek Yogurt is so GD expensive, and this stuff was super low in sugar. It tastes like wood, dust, and rotten lettuce…. nomnomnom. It cooked into the p-cakes just fine so I will use it in my baking I suppose. Sometimes you just have to buy the expensive stuff.

I applied to be a Big Sister with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. I really feel like I want to give back to a group in San Diego somehow. I was a pretty terrible little sister, so lets see how bad ass of a big sister I can be right? The problem is I want to be part of a group I can identify with and I totally agree with. I don’t want a religious group, not to say that they aren’t doing a world of good, working in non-profits has showed me that religious groups tend to give more, statistically at least. I just don’t want to do anything churchy, I want to help– simple as that. I’m hoping being a big sister will give me that chance. It was surprisingly hard to find volunteer opportunities. You would think that I could find somethingΒ I identify with, right? I would love to help students, high school or college age would be preferable. I like the idea of helping kids educationally, or even fitness-wise, since those are my two big passions.

Since I started losing more weight about a year ago LOTS of my clothes don’t fit. For months I was just donating them, but now I realize they are damn cute and I should take a few minutes to sell this stuff! P and I cleaned out our closets and soon (I Hope!) we will be putting stuff up for auction on Ebay. I’ve never sold anything on Ebay, so I have no effing clue how it will go. However if you are a size 2/small/6.5or7 shoe you, my friend, are in luck. The money we make from this will go into our Rock and Roll Vegas Marathon fund. We will probably use it to buy obscene amounts of food to eat after the race. That, and strippers, lots of strippers of course.

cutest thing ever, right? ❀ ❀ ❀ Heidi

I have been incredibly home sick lately, or maybe it’s just change-sick. I want to be closer to my family because I am a big sap like that… I also want a dog, a little fur baby, something to drive me insane most of the time ;-). I haven’t had a dog in almost 5 years, Christ I can’t believe it’s been 5 years. It’s time, the next place P and I move, we are starting our family πŸ˜€ any suggestions? I had a miniature Schnauzer that I LOVED, but she was extra yappy. I don’t want a yappy dog, and we most likely need a smaller but sturdy pup. Decisions, decisions… Dog, where do we go when P gets his PhD, I feel like I need something different.


8 thoughts on “Dramaqueen=me

  1. I’m on such a roll commenting on your blog, but I couldn’t resist this one, because a) I’m a size 6.5/7 shoe and would love to see what you’ve got and b) I got a Frenchie because I wanted a small, sturdy, non-yappy dog. It just so happens my breeder has 4 puppies left, too!

  2. DUDE! I have a Miniature Schnauzer if you want him. Gunther is DRIVING ME INSANE!!!! Or we can just do a puppy swap like the good old day’s πŸ™‚ lol

    1. Please send Gunther to me… but I bet he is the most spoiled Schnauzer ever, I remember when I got Heidi back, she was a snob!!! I will puppy sit for a few months if you want πŸ˜€

  3. So I realize that this comment is freakishly
    behind but I’m blogstalking you- whatev. Have you checked
    out “Girls on the Run”? It’s a sweet organization that teaches girls
    how to run, maintain a healthy diet, and be confident.

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