Groceries and a Binge

Workout: day off, I hate them.

Why is it that when I take a day off I 1) eat everything in sight and 2) loathe myself for resting? According to MyFitnessPal, the last day I took off was July 5th. I need to get a grip… “Can you find the kind with tiny nubs, just so my arms aren’t always flyin’ off the back swing”…k after some BareNaked Ladies I calmed down a bit.

Today was not an intentional day off, but it got to the point where it was late and I am tired, so I made the choice- take today off so I can be up early and hit it hard both Sat and Sun. Done and done people, I am going to kill it.

audrina eating cake– I imagine I looked that hawt, pbj, yogurt, my crazy I need to eat everything face.

I ate a PB&J when I got home from work today, not a normal PB&J a giant loaded one, some yogurt, more PB, a huge slice of the Wall-E cake, and then chilled the EFF out. When I binge it’s like a whirlwind, I just destroy everything in sight for some irrational reason. Today- Hmnnn a lot of the Wall-E cake is left, that must mean Phil hates it, which means that Phil hates me, so I should eat the whole thing as a show of strength… i.e. Eff you Phil, *stuffs buttercream down my throat* you can’t hurt me as long as I have Wall-E goodness to hide the pain. Dumb. I fail at life. I had a small bowl of tomato soup with chicken and veggies for dinner, but I feel like shit. That whole so stuffed you can’t move vibe– yeah, that’s me right now. I have to measure in on the 18th so I better sweat my ass off for the next two days. I am an irrational crazy person, whatev.

Picking meat is serious business for P, Whole wheat sugar cookies, reusable shopping bags–because I get plastic guilt otherwise

We went grocery shopping, per our budget we were trying to only spend $50 for the weeks groceries, we spent $59 and change, I am cool with that. After shopping we came home and I made P some sugar cookies, to make up for my salty attitude all day.

Kayaking was supposed to be the plan this weekend, but the weather is going to kind of suck. Whoever said San Diego had perfect weather lied. Pretty sure Grey May, June Gloom and July Shitty Effing Cloud Cover aren’t perfect. I have been deceived, bitches. The new plan is to work out a lot and possibly go out tomorrow or Sunday. I need some house music beats to melt my brain for a night. Rooftop DJ at the Hardrock on Sunday? Could happen πŸ™‚

P-Lover and I are thinking about getting rings, is this weird? The reality is, we have been through some crazy, rough times and we want a sort of memento to look to when times are hard, to remember that everything gets better. I’m thinking the rings would be worn on the left middle finger and be made out of something alternative, wood, glass who knows? I think this makes us weirdos, and makes P that guy who wears jewelry, but oh well, baby wants a ring πŸ˜‰ so baby gets it. I really want to find them locally at maybe the farmer’s market or something.

Tomorrow is a new day, a non rest day… maybe Bitchies McGee over here will have left the building.




3 thoughts on “Groceries and a Binge

  1. Your “binge” is my afternoon snack, but that’s probably why you’re a skinny mini and I could definitely afford to hit the gym every now and again. Do you do strength training?

    Also, rest days are so important. I used to run 3-6 miles every day in high school on top of 5-6 days per week at gymnastics and cheer practice. After about 6 months with zero days off my meniscus randomly ripped one day when I got out of a chair wrong. Even after a torn achilles and illiotibial band syndrome I didn’t learn my lesson until my knees were so banged up I could no longer run. Relish your off-days and never feel bad about indulging!!

    The wood rings are gorgeous, too πŸ™‚

    1. yes to the strength training, but not seriously– just some Jillian Michaels which is more cardio strength than anything else. I know rest days are good for me… but I feel so *not* hardcore when I take them… so it goes… embrace the rest days… embrace the rest days…

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