Budgeting and SummerLove

Workouts: Yesterday- 3mi run brisk pace, 28min, to Whole Foods and back. Today 6.1mi run brisk pace 58 min, no music, feeling like dookie. 

Yesterday was the end of a fun little tradition that Phil and I have. Whole Foods Wednesday. Normally, we head over to WF on Weds to grab dinner from their prepared food bar, mostly because its a bargain!!!! 5.99/lb, ok so that is still an effing arm and a leg, but it’s an easy way for us to get dinner. P can get 2000 calories and I can get like 400 and no one has to cook, yay! I’m getting bored of their food, though… Oh, there was also the hour I spent today tallying up last months receipts (yes, I know this is old school, but I’m an old fool, who’s soooo cool) and I realized we spend like $150/mo on Whole Paycheck… boo that. So, I said good-bye to their mediocre tofu and over priced spring rolls last night and set about planning a BUDGET today.

BTW we ran to Whole Foods and when I purchased my delicious little tiny desserts, the clerk asked me if we had run to eat dessert. I scowled at him with all of the hate my 5’2″ could muster, said, “Don’t judge me” grabbed my tarts and peaced out. Hmph… fatty can run wherever she wants… GODZIRRA NEEDS FOOD!

after the beast had been tamed, the sweet one in this relationship

I will however, NOT be giving up tiny desserts anytime soon. I LOVE them.

This is how Feel feels about budgets, or maybe this is how he feels about me taking 1000 pictures of him in a hot pink shirt.. ❤

I love budgets, I do. I love having a plan and sticking with it, I love being organized. I made Phil help me plan our budget for the rest of this month today, and I’m pretty sure he thinks knows I am bat shit crazy. He lovingly reminded me that food needs a large place in our budget because I eat approximately the entire contents of a home garden/day and those leafy greens ain’t cheap, oh and my need for expensive ass Greek yogurt. There is that. Needless to say, we have a plan, and I like it.

anxiety cat, nuff said.

I used to be an anti-anxiety medicine, because like most people, I am a total nutcase…oh wait, not everyone has horrible anxiety of all kinds… erm… oh well. I happily used it to help me get to a place where I feel like I can take things back into my hands and work my anxiety down naturally. I researched some natural supplements and teas etc. to help me stay calm and happy, and am trying to do the whole holistic approach. Who knows how it will go? I got pissed at my fridge door today… and a knot… and a pair of Phil’s shoes… but hey, all in all it was a great day, for real :).

I may be going on my first every backpacking trip in a few weeks. I have to say I am really excited. I have never been camping with friends as a group. My camping experience was a wandering escapade through Rocky Mountain National Park, the Grand Tetons and a quick stop in Yosemite last summer with Phil. It was amazing, A-MAZING. I will hopefully be trudging around Northern California, making my way towards a black sand beach that I have been dreaming of seeing for 5 years, with a group of our friends soon. I will certainly be putting some trail miles in, one way or another here soon.

Last thing on my mind. I am so effing pumped to run a full marathon in December… loves it. Can’t wait, can’t wait to run it with Phil… all smiles over here. Those hippie herbs must be working… and no I’m not smoking anything.

Until tomorrow, before the sun comes up, be safe and go hit those trails.



2 thoughts on “Budgeting and SummerLove

  1. Hey it’s Natalie, I have been all about your blog lately and a going to add you to the blogroll on mine 🙂

    Let me know what natural remedies you’re using for anxiety. I’m trying to eventually wean myself off Xanax.

    And congrats on ditching WP, what a rip. I swear Henry’s sells the same stuff at half the price :\

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