I am a Sock Diva

Workout: 56min run 6.4mph. From our house to Barnes and Noble to Golden Spoon to home. No music, me and Phil, brisk pace hills and flats.

Why would we run to Barnes and Noble you ask?!?! Well, because my boyfriend is an uber nerd. The newest book of a series he likes came out today, so we went and picked up the copy I preordered!!  for him. Yes, I am an amazing girlfriend. I will admit that I have also read all of these books and they are really good. I just love books, though. We are a book family. The most expensive items in our house are books… seriously– we’ve got some gems.

Next stop on our evening run was Golden Spoon for everyone’s favorite treat– froyo. It’s two-stamp Tuesday, the only day we go to Golden Spoon, because we are spendthrift… or maybe I’m just cheap.

Then we hustled our tushies home. My socks were being quitters today. This is what happens when a sock quits on you. I effing hate it.

These socks are from Lululemon, let me just say that expensive socks still = quitters.

When I got home from work today, Phil had dinner ready for me. Trout, green beens with onions, and butternut squash fries. I am totally realizing that chef in this relationship is not me.

I also had a package from Amazon!!! Woohoo supplements. I now so many delicious vitamins that I need one of these.

I have to say something. Someone please tell me if I’m weird. Phil totally makes fun of me because I tuck my shirts into my underwear. I say it helps them stay crisply tucked in, Phil thinks I look ridic… Miranda Kerr rocks it, so will I. eff it judge away people, judge away.

Seriously though, this is kind of genius… but how do you pee? PS that is a lot of boob for the office Ms. Kerr…




4 thoughts on “I am a Sock Diva

  1. I’ll get back to you on the shirt/underwear thing when I leave our Cali-Casual office and actually join the real people in corporate America again.

    BTW can you send me your whole outfit please? Rock those neons, girl.

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