Power Outfit #2

Workout: Jillian Michaels Levels 1, 2 and some of 3. Then I got bored and just did random cardio until I hit 600cals burned.

I was having a hard time working out this morning, could be that it was 5:15am and I had gone to bed a bit late, could be that not having Phil around is not helping. I want to get my burns back up towards 800+ a day, so I’ve gotta get it together. I did what I needed to do, though, so I am happy. JM was an easy alternative to running in the dark by myself so I just toughed it out and listened to her tell me not to “phone it in”. Is it weird that I tell TV Jillian Michaels to Eff Off on a regular basis?

I rocked some bright happy colors at work today so that I could give my two weeks notice (woohoo there is the big bad news *wink*) looking pretty and bright and oh yeah –HAPPY! Call it peacocking if you want, I’ll call it my new commitment to the Billy BadAss inside of me.  I really plan on doing my best to leave a thorough road map for the next person to have my job so that they know what to do. ANDDD I will be grinding out these next two weeks and trying to do as much good as I can before I leave.  I think the hardest thing about leaving a job is not being in touch with the coworkers whom you grew to like. I know I’m moving in the best direction for ME, so it actually isn’t as hard as I thought. I wonder if my last 2 weeks will be awkward? Anyone have experience with this?

I’m addicted to these:

These next few weeks will be filled with a lot of focusing on me… as if I don’t do that enough. No really though, focusing on the good things, like how I treat other people. Like, how can I accomplish certain things that I normally depend on others for, how can I improve my self-motivation for working out? etc etc. I’m also going to work on being a better listener and learning how to say no! OMG that is something I am terrible at. AKA Ash needs to grow an effing back bone!

Phil came home today!!! I am so happy to have him back here. We plan on being history nerds and watching some History Channel’s America… peace out I’ve got to go learn some bad-assery from our founding fathers.

Get your patriotism on, YO!


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