Retail Therapy…

OK workout update: Yesterday lots of walking, attempt at Zumba (fail, I have no rhythm) attempt at Turbo Jam (fail my internet probably Iraq based bootleg feed was being shitty) called it a day after that. All in all I still got my sweat on, just not the way I wanted.

Yesterday’s food highlights were:

eggwhites + banana= Banana pancakes YUM! with a little stevia and cinnamon and some PB2 on top. German Rye bread with Low Sodium tomato soup, tofu, onions and chopped up bratwurst in it. 

OK I know I got a little carb crazy yesterday, but if anyone says anything to me I will BEAT THEM. Sometimes baby just needs bread.

I suck at Excel, if anyone I work with is reading this, disregard that last statement b/c I now rule at Excel. This weekend, I took a little stroll down the street to our cutesy little downtown, posted up at The Living Room coffee shop and got DOWN with my bad self. Which of course means I taught myself Excel, using online tutorials, and taking notes. I had someone wish me good luck on my test as they left, so I must have looked really concentrated. Really, I was just learning how to use this newfangled Microsoft Office that all of the kids these days seem to understand. I can do ANYTHING with Excel now… yes! I=BillyBadAss

I also went shopping. I came away with some really really cute summertime stuff that I can wear both to work and not at work. Here are some shitty low quality pictures of what I got, since Phil the Photoman wasn’t here to be my Picture Slave, I mean photographer.

Awesome BR skirt, Workout skirt/shirt, new skirt, new shirt

Banana Republic, Gap and LUCY(awesome women’s workout store) got owned by my sales SKEELz. I got a skirt, and two shirts from the Gap, for $26 oh and that BR skirt… $13. BOOYA. My goal was to stay away from black. I wear a lot of black and white… and I want more color in my wardrobe!!! Ok so the workout stuff was black and grey but all of the sale stuff was, so whatev.

I came home and tried to Zumba. I am SO happy P wasn’t here to witness my failure. I cannot do anything with “flava”. I had the jerkiest hip circles, and got so tripped up. I wish I could do some kind of dance inspired workout… but kick boxing is about as coordinated as I can get.

Today :


Workout: cardio strength- Ripped in 30 with Jillian Michaels, 50min run, big ass hill, HOT. no music.

I woke up and had a random breakfast of Mojo Bar+yogurt+banana+PB.

This helped me realize 2 things, I better have a killer workout planned after a b-fast like that, and I really needed to grocery shop.

Real girls run in skirts… iI think.

First things first… FOOD and shopping. I grabbed some new workout stuff at Target, this time all very colorful. My awesome sports bra that I wore today was a purchase. I also grabbed all of the food I need and some goodies for P-doggy when he gets home tomorrow. I was also attacked by a honeybee. Story recounted here.

Note: bee is alive I think… and I was ready to give it little bee CPR

My workout was good. Yes, I ran shirtless. I used to really hate girls who did this, mostly out of jealously. Now, when it is hot I usually do it. I mean at least when people look at me and think, you should have a 6pack to do that, they then realize that I am working my ass off. Also, I’m just as embarrassed in a swimsuit as I am in my sports bra, at least this way I am getting my burn on in order to someday not be embarrassed, instead of just laying on a towel wishing I had Miranda Kerr’s stomach.

How are their torsos SO long… Also, on further inspection of this photo, I realize I want more abs than that… but hey I can start there 😉

I did Ripped in 30 and it was decent. Pretty standard Jillian Michaels. A nice 30 min workout, easy to do in my living room and a solid bit of weight training. Then, I headed out for a run. It was hottt but nice. La Jolla is slammed with tourists and beach goers… crowded ass beach. I don’t even really like this beach… crappy tanning location IMO, but it was slammed. I did a solid 50 minute run that concluded with a beast of a hill. OWNED. 400ft of elevation gain in a mile… running. ugh.

A big glass of iced tea and some Butternut Squash Fries were in order. They taste like sweet potato fries, but have 100 cals per 10 oz or so… WIN! Before my run I had some almond milk with vanilla powder in it. I love these little mason jars b/c they are exactly 1 cup. I know CB&TL vanilla powder has sucralose, but I was having a sweet attack :-/ it happens. I also had a Chobani Pineapple yogurt OMG my fav!!

I was going to get Phil a kitty for our anni, but we decided that we travel too much and like to leave the house empty for long 12hr stretches a lot, so a kitty wouldn’t be too happy here. We are going to wait and get a dog, probs when we move next. I want a doggy shower, everyone can come, bring me cake and Target gift cards. I never get a baby shower so I am demanding this. I also never have to be fat and preggers so that should probably be gift enough, but not for this princess!

This means I need to get him a belated anniversary present… !!! I will have to think of something.


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