California is GIGANTIC

So happy to have my little car back, so UNHAPPY that the Yaris has seats about as comfy as milk crates.  My ass always goes numb about 90 min into our drives… which isn’t so bad because we don’t often drive that far. Well, except all of this back and forth to NorCal we have been up to lately. I tried to lean like a chola which helped the butt soreness. Oh, I’m also ridiculously sore from my strength workout still, so that wasn’t helping.

It was hawt, but not as hawt as that van, sexy plum eating, leaning like a chola from Salinas (never forget your roots, yo)

The drive home was HOT, but pretty fun. We forgot our AUX cable, so the wonder that is FM radio was our soundtrack home. Top 40 is apparently  Top 4 now, because we heard the same 4 songs about 1000x. Also, who’s bright idea was it to close one lane of the 5 ?!?! We hit some traffic, P and I looked FruitTarded as we ate these super sweet plums from his mom’s house.

I am not photo editing a pic of portos…

Also, apparently with cheap gas come sub-par Pee Facilities… I walked to another restroom.

More evidence of my love for straws. I’m still feeling sick, so I thought some fizzy water would help. I think this upset stomach is due to overeating on the 4th… by a lot. Dammit.

My original goal was to be at my goal weight by March 15, then it was July 1, recently I found out that some hormone, chemistry crap is out of whack so I have reevaluated my goal to Dec 1. just before my Vegas trip, and marathon. Hopefully I will be all balanced out and on the road to perfect measurements within 6 weeks or so. The body is a crazy temperamental beezo.

I just booked our hotel for the Rock and Roll. It’s a boutique hotel right off the strip which has me EXCITED! I love nice bathrooms in hotels, and solid rooms, but I don’t want to pay a ton. Especially as we don’t gamble and probs won’t be drinking on a marathon weekend. This place looks perfect for us and I can’t wait to get to our little vaycay in Vegas! New shoes, running skirt, anti-chafing stuff?, sweaty bands 😀 I can’t wait!

Went for a 6 mile run last night, and it felt good to run the soreness out after a day off.  Workout: 6mi 1:01, with music, good energy, no strength training. Rocked out to Afrojack Pandora.

Afrojack Pandora is my new obsession… 🙂

Phil is driving to White Mountain today to start his first weekend as a test subj. I hope that if this turns into some weird Stanford Prison Experiment that he calls me so I can grab the ice axe and come to his rescue…!


2 thoughts on “California is GIGANTIC

  1. What is this talk about a goal weight haha?? You already look great and I would kill for your arms. and abs. On that note, I’m gonna have a little meeting with Jillian right now. xoxo

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