Awesome Headbands and a Weekend Alone

Like I said in my last post, P is up at White Mountain, participating in a research study and doing some high altitude research of his own. He doesn’t come back until Monday, which means I have the entire weekend to myself. KEGGER AT MY HOUSE!!! ok Jk Jk. I will most likely end up spending the whole weekend working out and enjoying this nice little heat wave SD is getting. I keep trying to think of really girly things I want to do, that I could get out of the way this weekend, but I’m coming up blank. Lots of tanning 😀 yes that’s it… Phil bought me this adorable monokini, and of course I have a ridic tan line from it, so I will be eradicating that from my waist this weekend.

Today’s workout was an evening one. I ran 6 miles sin 43 min…. WOOT. This is how happy I was. After this post I will be doing a light floor and body weight workout to round it off.

I know I look a little crazy but I am SO happy

I will prob make friendly with Jillian Michaels again tomorrow, as I think my muscles are finally ready for another strength workout. I’m really excited about making my first attempt to run a full marathon, I think know I can do it, I just want to do it in as little pain as possible. I hear horror stories about chafing, and I wonder if I will have any issues. I haven’t chafed yet, so we will see. My feet get pretty torn up on long runs  but I can live with that, the real question is… Will I be able to go out dancing in Vegas after running 26.2 miles?!?! I sure as shit hope so. I wonder how cold it will be in Vegas in December?…. Oh wait, Let me Google that for myself…

                                                                                              HIGH                                                                                                      LOW
December 58° F (14° C) 34° F (1° C)

HOLY SHIT that is cold. Maybe it will be compression socks, arm warmers and running skirt. As it won’t be pool weather, I made sure to get the Junior Suite with the GIGANTIC tub 😀 post race soak fosho. The McMillan race calculator has me finishing a marathon in something like 4hrs15min, it’s doable but that would be insane for my first go at it. I am shooting for anything under 5, no broken bones, no pooped pants, no chafing, no lost toenails and just a solid good time. PS, if you aren’t using sweaty bands, go buy one. They don’t slip AT ALL, even on my creepy misshapen dome. Love these headbands.

Maybe the R&R will have sweet dance and house DJs spinning at certain points in the route. Too much to ask? Maybe Deadmau5 will come volunteer his time for some sweaty runners, no?

Random, but hearing someone talk about this yesterday made me want to post bout it.

I grew up loving techno/trance/house music. Loving. Everyone thought I was weird, except JP from Grandma’s Boy. 

You’d like techno if you had robot ears….

No one would let me bump my sweet Ministry of Sound albums in the beetle, and I had to keep my love for Zee Trance and Haus Muzik, Yah a tiny little secret. In college I met someone who would change my life forever, Ana (ok Phil too but …). Ana loved trance too. She had hand mixed house albums from friends and went to raves. She invited me to Electric Daisy Carnival 2007. My initial thought was, “no effing way, raves are for chwacked out E-Tards, and weirdy ravers” then I realized that 60,000 euphoric people who wouldn’t hate me for my ridic dancing would probably be like heaven for me, plus “weirdy” is definitely a word that can be applied to me in most situations. I WAS SO IN. Some of my favorite DJs were spinning that summer. Paul Oakenfold, Above and Beyond… *ZOMG* right? I spent the whole summer making an insane amount of Kandi (PIC) while listening to the Creamfields albums and then threw together a sufficiently scandalous costume (mine was TAME compared to most others). I shrugged off all of the judgement from people when I told them where I was going, I was happy to finally see the community whom I was so curious of.

It was the single most amazing night of my life.

The sense of community, the way groups picked up random straggler girls so that they weren’t wandering around alone, the way ravers have special “rave names” and trading kandi. It was like being with 60,000 friends. No fights, no drama, just lots of people stoked to be vibing out for a solid 12 hours. I was hooked. I went to LoveFest in SF a few years later, frequented Ruby Skye in SF as much as possible as well and just vibed as part of a community. You hear people who go to parties a lot say PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) and they mean it. It is a total mindset unlike any other and it is really special.

Fast forward just a few years. Electronic music (FINALLY) becomes popular in the U.S., Dubstep blows up, every rap/r&b song is sampling a Daft Punk beat. At first I was stoked. More popularity means more of my fav DJs will finally see the states as somewhere worthwhile to tour.

Phil and I decide to head back to the amazingness that is EDC for summer 2010. At this point it is a 2 day event with something like 160,000 people attending. It was insane. As it was an all ages event, I saw SO many young young young people doing STUPID shit. Taking insane amounts of drugs, drinking while doing said drugs, not hydrating even though it’s late June in LA, fights, just total craziness. It was way too crowded, people jumped over 10ft security fences, and I didn’t see any of the community that had played such a huge role in my last EDC.  I have to say I was super bummed.

I missed the EDC Vegas event this year, but hopefully I will be seeing some DJs in club venues this summer. I think I’m just too old for that crap ^^ anymore ;).

Be smart and party safe people.

PS apparently P-money had one helluva time getting to the research station, I feel a guest blog coming *wink*


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