Happy 4th!!

**Posted late doh!

Why the hell am I posting on the 4th of July? Traditionally one of my fav holidays? It’s all Steve’s fault.

This morning after a delicious brekki of eggs, yogurt and toast P-Muscles and I hit the gym with Steve. I knew it was going to be a wicked workout but I had no idea.

We spent an hour doing 1 legged squats(with 10lbs of weight), steps ups onto a box (I was doing this with 40lbs of weight), normal squats with a bar ( no weights for me on this one, just a bar), squats with a 25lb weight under my chin, medicine ball slams, burpies with either 15 or 25lb weights in each hand, traveling lunges with a 20 lb weight in each hand… and then called it a day after that. I have never poured sweat like that IN. MY. LIFE. I have also never lifted weights like that, oh and it was appx. 100F in the gym.

I thought  I might puke a few times, but I stuck it out and stuck it out STRONG. After the workout and a 16oz Mango Mantra with Soy Protein, I was still feeling weird. I skipped lunch, and just munched on Phil’s Turkey Sando and fries (bad idea), came home and made a delish salad with romaine, tomatoes, green onions, yellow bell pepper and guacamole. The food didn’t help. A midday nap didn’t help. Now waa waa waa whine whine, I still feel like shit and I’m probs dehydrated to boot. So, I sent Phil off to enjoy his day while I suck down water, and eat a shitty dinner of peanut butter and brown rice cakes. Everyone else is eating stuff like this…

My sister Laura’s delish 4th of July creation… nice work Martha Stewart!


posing, puking (almost), comparing biceps (seriously), sprint finish

Yesterday’s workout was a 1220 calorie burn of a run through Upper Bidwell Park. The heat up here really rips the energy right out of your body. I felt like I was in a battle similar to Harry Potter v. Death Eater. Only it was just Me v. Me and Steve yelling at me to pick it up. Great workout and a really fun run. I was so exhausted on the way back that I pretty much stumbled every 3rd stride and Steve, who was running behind me, was pretty terrified that I would eat shit and fall of a cliff. I made it back and we even sprinted the last 1/4 mile which was quite the way to burn up the end of the workout.

This was also Ps birthday weekend. Miss Amanda’s Jeff from over at There are Two Sides has the same bday as Phil which just reaffirms how bad ass she is as she has great taste in the manfriends. We started the birthday festivities in Chico at the Sicilian Cafe, in hopes that Filly Fill could get some Ricotta Cheesecake which is probs one of our top favorite desserts. Those assholes discontinued it like 1.5 years ago 😦 They felt bad and hooked it up with a birthday espresso brownie with marscapone whipped cream. I love that the restaurant is amazing, true, from scratch Italian without being pretentious– oh and the separate dining area with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the creek.

Sunday night a big group of Phil’s oldest friends and I took him out to dinner and drinks at Tres Hombres. P and I started out the night on our own, though. P-Drunky and I stopped at Monks Wine Bar and he worked on a beer flight (it being Chico, the waitress gave him bigger pours since it was his birthday) and a cheese platter. This man loves cheese. He had like 3 dinners and 6 drinks and was an adorable drunk. We wrapped up the night laughing and eating popsicles at home to try and fight the oppressive heat.

Bottom Photos: Drunkys McGee and I, Steve being a camera shy punk ass and Josh’s GF Chelsea, Josh and Phil

It’s been a nice brief visit back, the car is a happy, pretty little new Yaris again and we are gearing up for the long drive home tomorrow. Another stop in Gilroy for lunch with my dad is in order and hopefully a brief stop at the Gilry outlets yay! I’ve been pining for a few things like these Tory Burch flip flops, but I want these one’s which were last season’s more than the current ones, new work heels, a pair of jeans that I can truly say I love (being short can be a real bitch) and a Tory Burch clutch. I’m hoping to come across a few things.

My willpower to say no to myself when it comes to food has been less than splendid lately. I am dropping weight again (finally) albeit slowly, but tonight I wasn’t even hungry– but then an impromptu BBQ at our place, after I had already eaten happened. I figured I would just hang out and not eat and instead I ate a solid 1000cals of chips, salsa, salad and steak. I feel pretty terrible about it, but I suppose I can just work extra hard this week knowing that I need to.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July–seriously! and I’m hoping for a good Tuesday-Sunday :-D!


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