Exciting July and Public Transit Nightmares

This post was written yesterday July 1, but I was stuck on a plane all day, sorry for the delay!!

First things first:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wall-E cake turned out ok, but could have been better. I work with a woman who is incredibly artistic AND an amazing cake-goddess and she totally called it. My buttercream was going to be too thin for piping. FML and I didn’t have enough extra powdered sugar to thicken it up, Wall-E was cute but not perfect so I will have another go at it here in a few months I think.

Speaking of cakes, my favorite person in San Diego, Amanda, just happened to be in the neighborhood yesterday so she dropped by half a dozen PubCakes for me… yeah that’s right my friends rock so much that they bring gourmet cupcakes to my office, just because. It was honestly the best cupcake I have had in a while… I had this one…

The Malted Marlin

This month should be filled with many exciting changes.

We get the Yaris back, pretty much half of it is new YAY.

PhD Phil and I start training for our FULL marathon.

Pmoney is starting his internship/minor field/test subject tenure at the White Mtn. Lab to do high altitude research.

I fully plan on losing the last little bit of weight that’s left.

And a few other things that are top secret at the moment, but don’t involve weddings or babies people so calm down, all will be told soon enough!

Phil made me a book on Shutterfly for our anniversary that is so effing cute that it will probably make people either vom upon reading or cry. He wrote/added photos of the last year of our life, it was amazing to see everything through his eyes.

He also revealed to me last night that he has a celebrity crush on Tina Fey, I’m cool with it b/c I sort of do too. That woman is HILARIOUS.

She seems so real, and she doesn’t always look perfect. I think she would be badass to meet

I am looking forward to spending the holiday weekend with friends and family up in Northern California. Our flight leaves San Diego, plane change in LA, plane change in SF, then onto the itty bitty airport in Chico.California is a gigantic state… but it beats the 10+ hour drive.

It was like public transit on a train, seriously SD->LA->SF->Chico, exhausting

We are kicking off our training to be as fast as SkinnyRunner, I mean training for our marathon, this weekend. We have been doing our standard hour run + 30 min cardio strength and while it is great, we need to start incorporating speed work. This morning I really pushed it harder on our run, esp. on the way home and was happy with how I felt. I printed out my McMillan running calculator estimates and it has me finishing a marathon in 4:15… I really just want to get it done in under 5 hours. This weekend will be a 9 mile endurance run at a 10:15min mile, I hope. These are the times when I really want a Garmin so that my wrist will beep at me at every mile.

A few days ago I had my work retreat at a Padre’s game. It was actually pretty decent, especially my hawt Padre’s shirtdress (thanks Jeff).

Jeff was being a pain in the ass so I promised him he would be pixelated out of my blog. turd.

I rode over with some co-workers, but Phil was going to pick me up downtown at the stadium since going back to work would be pointless.  He got tied up doing some important crap in a lab, with science, and hypoxia(??) and other really cool stuff so I said, “No worries babe, I love public transit (mostly because I HATE parallel parking), I will bus it home!”. He texted me –“Take the 150 bus from in front of the NBC building in the gaslamp, it will take you straight to UCSD and I will pick you up there. Go West out of Petco Park, find 7th ave and follow it all the way down blah blah blah.” GO WEST???? GO WEST??? WTF direction is west? Do people think I just carry a compass on me? My iphone is from 1844 so it doesn’t have a compass. I did my best, I decided that I would google map my way to Horton Plaza Mall, right next to the NBC building, and then find my way from  there. I was a little excited because I should have passed a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the way and I was going to get a delicious frosty beverage, and some change for the bus. The downside was that I was wearing boots and leggings as you can see and it was HOT out. I would have worn shorts like everyone else, but all of my shorts are of the 1″ inseam variety. Huck fin shorts don’t look good on me– I’m 5’2″.

So, I’m hoofin’ it, my curls are coming out from my sweat, I’m taking pictures of random shit for this blog, and KATOW there is the NBC peacock HELL YES! I check my google map and realize that I hadn’t switched it from driving to walking to it was taking me the LONG way since it didn’t know I could WALK down a one way street the wrong way, oh well… I still have frosty beverage in my future right?! WRONG. I came up on the bus stop past CB&TL. Oh well, I was still proud of myself for finding my way around and so I texted MTS for bus arrival times… no 150. I start to get frantic. I text Phil, but he is in a lab being tested in different levels of decreasing oxygen (fun.) so he has no idea. I wait 15 min and text again and BAM the 150 pops up… sweet.

When it rolls up, I jump on ASAP b/c I was scared that the driver would just peace out without me, and I realize no one is coming with me which is weird since UCSD students are bus lovers. The bus driver is like, “Honey- WHAT are you doing?” I told her I was trying to get to UCSD. WRONG. This was the 150’s last stop on the line, I was on the wrong side of the street (how the hell do you know what side to stand on? I need an effing compass). The bus driver was rad and told me to just tell the 150 going the opposite way to call her and that she would confirm I already paid. (seriously, homeless people navigate public transit better than me) I rode the bus to UCSD but then, I was confused on when to pull the cord to get off, and where on campus it stopped. It’s like you gamble and either get off too far away or risk getting off past your destination. Well. I ended up at the Veteran’s Hospital, Phil came and picked me up and I sent him frantic texts like “call me or I will cry”… melodramatic much?
I got home and binged on salad, yeah that’s how much of a mind eff that trip was, I just wanted to eat my feelings via leafy greens and call it a day, I will never take public transit without P again.


One thought on “Exciting July and Public Transit Nightmares

  1. The worst is when you count on one of the buses to get you home from a Padres game on the weekends–there is no direct bus to campus on the weekends, so beware!

    Glad you liked the cupcakes, hon, I also raved about them…I’ll have to bring you a different variety or maybe healthycakes from somewhere, once I find said paradise 🙂

    The cupcakes in DC look delish, wish I could bring you back some, but the strawberries I brought from Cali for my friend here got nasty after one plane ride, so balls :/

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