Stayin’ Alive

Enjoying the break from June Gloom and trying not to vom from the smell of the new 5guys behind me

I have learned a very valuable lesson this past week. As I mentioned before, I’ve been dying miserable struggling with a stomach bug since last weekend; I couldn’t figure out why I was sick, or how to fix it. All I knew was I was horribly sick and wanted to spend my days curled up in bed watching crappy TV and sweating more than the Biggest Losers during a “last chance workout”– yeah it was that bad. I thought maybe I had a mild case of food poisoning, but after a solid week of feeling like a doughy bag of smashed ass, I really sat down and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. Every morning I eat an egg/whites combo with a whole Fresh and Easy Sun-dried Tomato Sausage chopped up in it. It’s been my way of getting a solid dose of protein early in the morning. These delicious little meaties are raw (didn’t realize that-dur) and I left the pack of 6 in my fridge all week, taking one out each day to cook (taking one out=Phil whipping me up gourmet omelets in the morning). No joke, I have basically been giving myself a mild case of food poisoning every day by eating food that was on its way out. I can’t even stand the thought or smell of eggs or sausage right now, so the whole high-protein plan is out the door until I feel better about my choices.*sulks* Since then I have 409-ed our entire apartment in an attempt to prevent further nastiness attacking me. I have a cast-iron stomach so if it made me sick, it probably means our neighbors are near death in their apartment due to exposure.

In other Ash-news I hit a plateau. I don’t weigh myself because having a scale around makes me cray cray. I already log my food on myfitnesspal, and use a heart rate monitor when I workout to keep track of calories in and calories out, the last thing I need is a scale to jump on every 5 minutes. I know my weight by the way my clothes fit and I keep track of my measurements by taking them once a month. I know where my fitness is based on how much slower than Skinnyrunner I am during any given run, seriously that girl is FAST. I haven’t lost any weight or felt any stronger in WEEKS so I was starting to feel frustrated. After all I keep hoping that the more I run, the closer to looking like my girl-crush Mila Kunis I will get, apparently it doesn’t work that way. My good friend Steve is amazing when it comes to fitness and lifestyle, he is the most overall healthy (i.e. dedicated,, knowledgeable and fit) person I know. He also has experience with grumpy girls trying to be healthy and lose weight and support the “skinny is the new strong” lifestyle. I went to him with my list of questions and frustrations.

Clearly Steve loves me. 

Well, Steve basically told me that I has been in a calorie deficit for so long that my metabolism had adjusted down and was now probably slow, my thyroid and lots of other fun stuff out of whack etc. etc. The solution to this? “Eat between 2000-2300 calories a day, no cutting corners.” WTF? So for the last 7 days I ate as much as I could. Sounds like fun right? Not really, I was trying to keep my eating healthy despite the high cals, and  not feel guilty about it. I also cut back on my workouts like crazy because I was sick. I can honestly say I am happy to be done stuffing my face all day long. I didn’t gain too much over my week of indulgence but I am puffy from the lack of exercise and surplus of salt in my system. I finally felt better today and did a real workout, which felt amazing.

me, Phil, no makeup (on either of us) looking tired like ass sex-ay

Workout: 5:30am 6 mi run 1:00 30min of HIIT

Phil and I went for a nice hour run and then did 30min of cardio strength when we got home. I was still full from eating like crazy on Saturday that I opted out of breakfast and hit the workout strong. I felt good after a light workout week and lots of food, rest etc. I’m hoping to hit the workouts full force this week and get my metabolism revving again.


2 thoughts on “Stayin’ Alive

  1. OMG, SkinnyRunner IS fast, right!? I feel like I am crawling compared to her pace!
    SO happy you are feeling better~
    I really wish that if we wanted something bad enough it would happen. Because I would have your body or SR’s!

  2. UGH that food poisoning stint sounds awful! You get the weirdest illnesses, poor thing! Once I move, you and Phil should come over for margs and the pool that’s just below my window 🙂 Glad you are feeling better!

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