I am a shopaholic

I try to run/bike everywhere to both save money AND be healthy, or so I thought. The idea is to ride and bike and not drive since gas is a glorious $4.39 /gal in La Jolla. One of my recent evening runs turned into some retail therapy.

yeahhhh you love those running tights. Phil is a giant so when he takes pictures of me I look even shorter than normal, see comparison photo. Camera angles are evil.

I usually run in the butt-early A.M., but this was an evening run since I’ve been coming off of a nasty stomach virus. Sadly this week my amazing 5000+ calories burned/30+ miles ran normal goals have been put on hold. I had the genius idea to run errands, literally, I needed some vitamins from Whole Foods and lotion from Ulta. Phil threw on his little camelbak to carry my vitamins and such back and off we went!

After getting my errands done, I thought that it would be fun to try on some shoes… you know “just to look” HA.

So, after shoving my shweaty runner’s feet into a bunch of cute heels, I ended up with a pair of Steve Madden pumps and a new Urban Expressions (they’re vegan!) clutch.

SO cute right? I’m always going for black heels and I was so happy to finally branch out and add a little taupe to the closet 🙂  Phil ran home with my clutch tucked under his arm. Luckily, the shoes had to be ordered and sent to our apartment so he didn’t have to run home with those. I have started trying to follow the “one in, one out” policy; so when I buy new shoes etc I get rid of something. I am starting to just keep things in my office… you know, just in case. I mean what if I rip 2 pairs of pants in one day, I need extras on hand right!?!? Hopefully, I’m too much of a minimalist to be a hoarder… hopefully.

I wish I could wear 6in heels to work, but as one of my favorite co-workers told me today, “This isn’t that kind of job Ash.” I’m thinking he is deffo right.

Happy FRIDAY y’all I hope you have a great weekend 😀

I plan on hunting for the elusive San Diego sun, this June gloom is no fun, generally just relaxing and getting some solid runs in. Sunday, I have a hair appointment. See above picture of me in the white jeans taken this morning and you will know how bad I need to get my hair done. My girl Drama is going to work her magic at Detour Salon in Encinitas, and I will walk out looking like Mila Kunis… I wish.

Here’s to hoping !!



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