I’m Going to Climb Mt. Shasta?

Phil (the darling boyfriend) LOVES to climb mountains. In fact his PhD dissertation is on the first group of Americans who climbed Mt.Everest. He loves all things outdoor. (Yeah, like his idea of a good time is the REI used gear sale… ) This was the idea of camping I was raised with.

Oh yes, I had a barbie sleeping bag and I would read a book while “camping out” in my living room with my awesome booklight that I wanted for Christmas when I was 7… AND GOT!!! BOOYA.

Phil did those really awesome, disgusting family vacations in a motorhome, where he saw the whole United States and everyone got along and played super cute games. He has fond memories of family hikes and family winter camping in the snow (WHO DOES THAT?!) My family did not camp. We took vacations from the city life to visit other cities. My sisters and I once penned a note begging people on  the 405 freeway to save us from our stepdad and his horrible music taste on a trip to Disneyland. You should have seen the looks we got as we pressed these little notes up to the window… yeah that was our idea of a vaycay.

Needless to say, Phil loves roadtrips and camping… and even more, roadtripping to go camping. Next week we are off on a 10 hour drive to Northern California to visit Chico. It should be an amazing trip to see family and friends and engage in some good old fashioned Chico State shenanigans. Oh right, but Phil and his core group of bro’s have plans to climb Mt. Shasta during this weekend and I agreed to do it. The plan is drive to the trailhead, camp in the snow, climb, summit and descend the next day. Did I mention I really don’t get along with nature? I honestly try. I climbed Half Dome, I go hiking, we visited the Tetons. I really try to like the evergreen and the dirt and such but the highlight of our mountain hikes is when I find wild berries and eat them without thinking about all of the animal pee on them. I also really do not like snow. I didn’t grow up in it, I never dress warm enough for it and I feel like a big puffy douchebag when I get all ‘fitted out for the snow. This was my idea of proper clothing when we went snowshoeing in January.

I wore wool leggings and tall knee socks thinking I would be warm. I was miserable and hated every minute of it and totally learned my lesson. Snow is cold-duh. Seriously  though, how cute are those socks?

I broke down after this trip and got snow pants, real socks, a pack, a thermal baselayer shirt…. blah blah all of that boring (but warm!) gear that one needs to get up a mountain. I thought Shasta would be totally fine, I mean I have driven past it at least … twice? I run a lot, I do strength training, I eat right, therefore I should be able to climb a mountain right?

Holy shit. I DO NOT remember it being that big.

I have had some major fears lately about being able to climb this beast. I want to do it to feel what it is like to be atop a mountain that is pushing 3 miles high. I want to climb it as a personal F-you to all of the stress in my life, I want to do it because I bought all of this effing gear for it! I know I have the physical strength, but the altitude and the mental strength will be a real test.

June 19 is D-Day… I will be dedicating this climb to my Dad, since it’s Father’s Day and he hasn’t complained once about me ghosting out to climb a mountain with my boyfriend… man he rules. The man is getting an iPhone for Father’s Day because he is “hip” and “with-it” and totally ready to blog-stalk me.

My workout plans for today include a 6 mile run when I get home tonight. I usually like to run in the morning, but I woke up late today (big surprise). I’ll also be doing 30 min of HIIT/Strength.

Food: I’m currently in a week long “eat more” phase to help me jumpstart my metabolism and get outta this plateau I’m in! My good friend Steve (fitness expert/badass) has me eating more for 7 days and resting a bit more. I already feel better and hope for some major weight loss this month!! 🙂


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